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Here are ideas about a famous book on Halloween titled 'Halloween Customs, Recipes & Spells' by Silver RavenWolf.

Halloween : Books : Halloween Customs, Recipes & Spells

Halloween Customs, Recipes & Spells

'Halloween: customs, recipes and spells' is a famous book on Halloween that has been superbly described by Silver RavenWolf. The book is just ideal for those who want to gain a complete knowledge about the Halloween festival, as in right from what is Halloween all about, its customs and traditions, its celebration in other countries, recipes and many more.

The section that deals with Halloween symbols is pretty interesting, as it shows the glimpses of things specific to Halloween like black cats, witch hats etc. The book focuses on both, the spiritual side of the Halloween event as well as the fun part associated with it. The section on customs and traditions throws light on different activities like Jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating and bonfire etc. In a nutshell, the book gives a nice overview of the grand festivity of Halloween.

Halloween Customs

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