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Here is information about a famous Halloween book for kids titled 'too many pumpkins written by Linda White.

Halloween : Books : Too Many Pumpkins

Too Many Pumpkins

'Too many pumpkins' is a famous Halloween book for kids that has been beautifully expressed by Linda White and superbly illustrated by Megan Lloyd. The main character in this story is Rebecca Estelle; a white haired woman who hates pumpkins and it is these pumpkins, around which the whole story revolves. Rebecca as a young child, grew up eating only pumpkins, as her family was very poor and she got virtually so bored and fed up with this vegetable, that now neither she eats nor does she plants pumpkins.

But one day, it happened that a truck loaded with pumpkins passed by and by chance one pumpkin fell into Rebecca's garden and its seeds got scattered all over, giving rise to pumpkin plants. It seemed like a sea of pumpkins. It was then that she gave up her enmity with pumpkins and decided to throw a Halloween party, in which she shared her pumpkins with all. Well, it's a nice humorous story that is enjoyed by children of all age groups.

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