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On the day of Halloween, get wicked and dress up like a devil. Check out ideas on homemade devil costume for Halloween.

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Devil Halloween Costume

Halloween day is marked by things like ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns, and so on. The most essential as well as anticipated amongst all this is the costume party. Halloween is that time of the year when everyone has an excuse to get wicked. Devilish costumes are popular collection for Halloween, particularly for Halloween costume parties. It is the wicked look that sets the tempo of the party. This time, make a devil costume for your Halloween party and get ready to add the gruesome effect to it. Let us know more about devil costume for Halloween.

Devil Halloween Costume Ideas
  • The devil costume for man includes dress that is red in color and has attached collar and choker, along with matching gloves. Never forget to get a pair of boots that are knee length, either in red or black color. To give an added effect to the dressing, a pair of red contact lens will be required.
  • The womenfolk can adopt the devilish look with the costume that includes red crushed velvet dress, high collar and matching gloves. You can also add a black cape with red lining, black fishnet stocking, thigh high black or red boots and some red contact lenses. Carry a full size pitch fork to give the costume a complete look.
  • Apart from the standard dress, you can use a bit of creativity and give it a different look, by adding some stylish accessories or varying the costume a bit. You can use a dress with sequined top, feather trimmed pants and feather trimmed scarf. Horns and small pitch fork will definitely give a different outlook to your devilish outfit.
  • Makeup plays a vital role in giving you that typical look of a devil. The combination of grey and black makeup for the face will be sufficient for a man. The eyes are required to be highlighted, to give the effect of the fiery red glow of a devil's eye.
  • For women, green make up, dabbed all over the face, will give the impression of a devil. After the green color dries, lightly paint the face with other colors, like dark brown, red or white. The result that will ensue will be really haunting.
  • The other make up items that you can use include a dark red color lipstick - for bloody lips, black eye pencil and black mascara - to highlight the eyes.
  • Warts and long black color nails are also great accessories for a devil costume. In case you don't have long nails of your own, go for the artificial ones.

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