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Dracula costume is amongst the best homemade costumes for Halloween. Get ideas for the best Dracula get-up.

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Dracula Halloween Costume

Halloween party is the perfect time to recall all the naughty, bizarre, and ghastly characters of well-known fiction. One such infamous fictitious character is Count Dracula, a centuries-old vampire. Unlike the run-of-the-mills vampires of the Eastern folklore (who are always portrayed as repulsive, corpse-like creatures), Count Dracula displays a veneer of aristocratic charm that masks his evil intentions. People simply love to hate him! Dracula costume is amongst the ones that work perfectly for a Halloween party. The particular costume both adults as well as children. Given here are the tips for coming up with the best Dracula get-up for your Halloween party.

Dracula Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Dracula costume is quite ordinary - formal clothing that comes with a white shirt, black pants, black satin cummerbund, and a blood-red bow tie. White gloves are the add-ons.
  • Dracula's hair is slicked down, with somewhat off-center part.
  • Dracula's face is white and pale. So, go for a white grease paint for your face makeup.
  • Dracula makeup kits are available at retail outlets. Purchase a good quality makeup kit that consists of all the essentials i.e. a headpiece, fangs, fake blood, cream makeup, applicators, hair color, and adhesive.
  • Apply some dark makeup under the eyes and in the cheek hollows. Use dark eyeliner all around the eye shape and black mascara. This is enough to create the menacing and devilish look of Count Dracula.
  • Buy vampire fangs set from the market and add the final addition to your Dracula costume!

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