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Halloween party is the perfect occasion to recall the terrifying Michael Myers. Get ideas on homemade Michael Myers costume for Halloween.

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Michael Myers Halloween Costume

Remember how the terrifying Michael Myers would haunt you in nightmares and wake you up in the middle of the night? Those sleepless horrible nights were just because of the classic Halloween movies that introduced Michael Myers, a terrifying killer. Halloween party is the perfect occasion to recall the legendary Michael Myers. By wearing a costume at your Halloween party, you transform into something or someone that scares everybody. So this season, try out Michael Myers costume and bring back the horror to your party venue (minus the killing, of course!).

Michael Myers Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Michael Myers was a monstrous figure with a ghostly white texture and messy hair. So, the best special effect to look for is a high-quality latex mask.
  • Blue knit jumpsuit and boots give the typical Michael Myers get up. Go for a long sleeve jumpsuit with a zipper front. Blue jumpsuits are easily available online as well as in men's department of discount stores.
  • Michael Myers' face was hidden behind the facemask. It is the key to his whole character, which makes him scary. So, this also becomes an important addition to your Michael Myers costume.
  • Michael Myers used a variety of weapons to kill his victims, out of which the large knife stands out. It is Michael Myers' signature weapon. So, accessorize your Michael Myers costume with a large plastic kitchen knife and some fake blood.
  • Remember, Michael Myers was played by a gigantic tall man. So, buy a pair of platform shoes to increase your height, if possible, up to the fictitious character's height.
  • Michael Myers was never portrayed as good. So, if you want to play the merciless character all through your Halloween party, try to be a bit hulking and menacing.

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