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One of the most popular Halloween costumes is monster costume. Check out ideas on the manly, homemade monster costume.

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Monster Costume

The startling atmosphere in Halloween parties sets the mood for becoming wicked. The best way to bring out the naughty demon inside you is to wear wacky Halloween costumes. One of the most popular Halloween costumes is monster costume. Your monster getup will attract everyone at the Halloween party. If that is not enough, the monster makeup will also keep others guessing who the disguised person is.

During Halloween, retail stores are flooded with monster costumes for all ages. You can get expensive as well as cheap monster costume. It depends solely on you, whether you want to choose a costly monster costume for your extravagant Halloween party or opt for an economical one. Whatever be the choice, for the desired gruesome effect, you need to pick up an appropriate monster costume and wear the suitable makeup. Read on know more about the monster costume for Halloween.

Monster Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Monster costume usually comes with a jacket/shirt and pants. A latex head extension is the highlight of the costume.
  • The right make-up is needed to create the effect of a realistic monster. Monster makeup kits are available in the stores. Such kits usually include cream makeup, hair color, fake blood, face adhesive, wrinkled skin, headpiece, scar, neck bolts, and small makeup sponges.
  • The right mixture of makeup is also very important. Your face should be bloody enough to scare others, but not overdone. So, use the right amount of fake blood.
  • Apply a coat of green color on your face. Make sure that you don't overdo it; otherwise you will end up looking like a frog.
  • Neck bolts are must have for Frankenstein monster.
  • Platform shoes are appropriate monster costume footwear. This may sound weird but since monsters are gigantic, you have to equip yourself with a pair of platform shoes, to attain the real monster effect.

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