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Scarecrow costume for Halloween is amongst the most popular ones. Check out ideas on homemade scarecrow Halloween costume for Halloween.

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Scarecrow Halloween Costume

There are many ways to celebrate the festival of Halloween, one of which is a costume party. Costume party is an excellent way of merry making and enjoying on the festive day. The custom of dressing in spooky costumes, for Halloween, is very popular amongst people. The usual trend involves wearing traditional costumes like those of witches, ghosts and other supernatural beings. People dress up differently and want to carry a wicked outlook for the party. The scarecrow costume is also one of the scary ways of dressing up for a Halloween party. One more reason to adopt the idea of dressing as a scarecrow is that it is quite easy way. Read on to know more about scarecrow costume for Halloween.

Scarecrow Halloween Costume Ideas
  • To dress up as a scarecrow, you will need a pair of old baggy pants and shirt.
  • Tear 1 inch wide strips, about 4-5 inches long, out of yellowish colored fabric.
  • Glue the strips to the shirt, in a way that they hang from the sleeves and neck opening. At the same time, attach them to the bottom of the pant legs.
  • Take some clean hay or straw, to use as stuffing for costume. It's best to wear clothing beneath the pants and shirt, so that the straw doesn't scratch your skin too much.
  • Cut a few lengths of rope to tie around your waist, wrists and ankles. This works to help hold the straw in place, while further lending a homespun look to your scarecrow.
  • Paint your face to appear as though it has been stitched into place.
  • To add some finishing touches, use scraps of different colored material and glue patches all over your pants and shirt.
  • Top off your scarecrow costume with a straw hat and even a fake bird perched on your shoulder.

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