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Zombie costume is perfect for a Halloween party. To create a ghastly effect, make use of the ideas on homemade Zombie costume for Halloween.

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Zombie Halloween Costume

Halloween party is an event in which dancing skeletons, seductive witches, and zombies create a horrible atmosphere, which is captivating enough to keep up the festive spirit. The re-animated corpses and other characters serve as the real attractions of Halloween party, which is all about wearing unconventional and scary costumes. Zombie costume is one of the most horrifying costumes you can wear for a Halloween party. Zombie makeup and dress are enough to terrorize even the toughest persons at the party! To create the desired zombie effect, you can make use of the tips given in the following lines.

Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Zombies (the living dead) are portrayed as creatures which have just crept out of the graveyard. Hence, choose a zombie costume that resembles a dress that the deceased would be wearing.
  • A zombie costume usually consists of pants with attached zombie thigh and knee bones, shirt with attached rotted flesh chest and two skeletal forearms, zombie mask with fibrous hair, and two skeletal gloves.
  • The premier zombie costume consists of a bodysuit made from special scaled fabric, gauze hooded shirt and pants.
  • Zombie makeup sets the horrifying effect of the living dead. Liquid latex is amongst the best makeup you can use for the look.
  • To start with, apply liquid latex, using makeup sponge, to cover all exposed skin. This includes your face, neck, and hairline, except hands that will be done later.
  • To give the effect of peeling flesh, apply a couple of coats of liquid latex and gently peel it off a leading side.
  • For a ghastly appearance, apply small amount of black grease paint around the eyes and cheekbones.
  • Purchase a set of fake 'Phantom teeth' that look wonderfully horrible!
  • To give the final addition, carry a fake severed limb, such as a bloody arm or leg.
  • Zombie special effects contact lenses are available in retail outlets. They will be a great addition to your zombie costume.

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