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The macabre characters of Addams family are best suited for Halloween party. Here are some ideas for your homemade Addams family Halloween costumes.

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Addams Family Halloween Costume

The Addams Family, an American television series, was a super hit in the mid sixties. The 30-minute series was based on the fictitious characters in Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons. The family entertainer was aired on ABC for two seasons. The series was re-telecast for a short period on Nickelodeon, in 1996. Addams family is the coolest and creepiest family around, with larger-than-life characters. This year, why don't create your own Addams family clan and enjoy the spooky and hooky Halloween night! Read on to get ideas for your Addams family costumes.

Addams Family Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Morticia Addams Costume: Morticia is the matriarch of Addams family. She is portrayed as a beautiful, but strange woman. She is always cool and calm, even in the middle of the chaotic events that are continually churned up in the family. Moriticia's costume is a long, black, fitted reptile-like polyester/nylon dress, with a V-neckline, trimmed with black braid. Sleeves of the costume are long, jagged with a fan-style tail. She looks like a vampire. Her face is pale white, so you need to apply white makeup on your face. Highlight your eyes with a black eyeliner and black mascara. Apply blood red lipstick on your lips and black nail paint on claw-like nails, to resemble Morticia. Smoky black eye shadow on the eye lids and a black wig will complete the look.
  • Gomez Addams Costume: Gomez, Morticia's husband, is the patriarch of Addams family. Gomez is portrayed as a charming, wealthy man, for whom money is not life's priority. He loves his wife passionately. Gomez's costume is a black and purple jacket, with black tie and a watch-pocket. You also need to sport a medium-sized false black moustache and hold a cigar in your hand, to complete the look. A black wig is just enough for the hairdo.
  • Wednesday Addams Costume: Wednesday is Gomez and Morticia's daughter. She is portrayed as sweet natured girl, with unusual habits. Her favorite pastimes are raising spiders and beheading dolls. Wednesday Addams costume is a short black dress, with a white long sleeves blouse under the black dress. Black socks and black shoes are the add-ons. Keep the makeup simple. Just apply pale white makeup on your face, along with gray eye shadow and rose-red lipstick. Smudge on a thin layer of mascara. Her hairdo is quite girlish, with two mid-length pigtails.
  • Pugsley Addams Costume: Pugsley is Wednesday's brother. He is portrayed as a kind-hearted and smart guy, who shares a close bond with his parents and sister. Pugsley is exceptionally agile, just like his father. Pugsley Addams costume is simple - pull-over shirt with black horizontal stripes, black shorts and white socks. No makeup will be needed. Carry a fake rubber octopus as the prop.
  • Uncle Fester Costume: Uncle Fester is Morticia's uncle. He is a bald-shaped man, with dark sunken eyes and a devilish grin. Yet, he is kind and "electric" in nature! He places a light bulb in his mouth, where it lights up! To get the perfect uncle Fester look, concentrate on your makeup. Go for a long, plain, dark colored robe, with a large and over-sized collar. He has a ghoulish complexion and is completely bald. So apply the makeup accordingly. Purchase a latex fester mask from the stores.
  • Lurch: Lurch is the family's butler. He is superhumanly strong, with a throaty and rumbling voice and a giant physique. Lurch costume is simple- a tuxedo jacket, with pants, top, hat, shirt, vest, and a black bow tie. Your makeup should be devilish. Apply a very light gray grease paint, mixed with a dab of white grease paint. Cover all the exposed skin with this paint. You need to wear platform shoes in order to be as tall as Lurch.
  • Grandmamma Addams Costume: Grandmamma is Morticia's grandmother. She is portrayed as a witch. Hence, your grandmamma Addams costume should be just like what a witch would be wearing - long, slinky gown, with sleeves in glittery fabrics, colored black and purple. Don't forget to wear the pointy witch hat. Her hair is always white and frizzy. So, go for a long white wig. Apply deep red lipstick and a pale gray-white makeup on your face and neck. Your eye should be heavily made up, with thick eyeliner and lots and lots of mascara.

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