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Check out the make up & accessories for making the homemade Halloween clown costume for child/kids.

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Child Clown Halloween Costume

In the reservoir of child Halloween costumes, the funniest is the clown child Halloween costume that has the capability to make you smile. The making of clown costume for kids doesn't involve any cumbersome steps. Talking as to how to make the homemade clown costume for Halloween, it can be said that anything that is oversize will work for you like large pants, vests, shoes, pajamas and bright shirts etc.

Wear fuzzy sleepers and mismatched shoes and socks, long ruffles and oversize gloves. To give an appearance of large tummy, stuff some extra clothing. Wear a funny colorful hat or wig on your head. Check out the make up and accessories for clown costume:
  • For making the clown face, using a damp sponge, apply white face paint all over your face.
  • We generally tend to associate clown with their red circular nose and loose funny clothing. Take a hollow ball and paint it with red color. Now fix it along the tip of your nose.
  • As far as the mouth is concerned, paint your lips white and on the outer side of your lips, draw large red smiling lips.
  • On both the cheeks, draw large pink circles.
  • As far as the eyebrows are concerned, you can go in for dark heavy eyebrows.
Well, when it comes to deciding on the costume and makeup of clown, you can use your creative imagination to come up with a real funny clown costume for Halloween.

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