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As far as Halloween goes, demon costume is just perfect. Read more for ideas on homemade demon costume for Halloween.

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Demon Halloween Costume

Halloween is a carnival in which people take part, dressed as witches, ghosts, demons and the like. In the usual days of life, the good spirit remains in the highlight, while bad one remains dormant. Halloween is the time when the equation changes. On this day, you can let loose your naughty and mischievous side. Halloween is the single day in the year when you can allow yourself to be somewhat crazy and devilish. Therefore, one should not allow this opportunity slip out of hands. Demon attire is one of the most popular costumes as far as dressing on Halloween is concerned. In the following lines, we have provided tips that would help you transform into a demon, symbolically only, on this Halloween.

Demon Halloween Costume Ideas
  • You can become the 'Emperor of Devil' this year. This costume includes things like a robe, chest drape, hooded cape, gloves, belt, medallion and mask. Serving as accessories to the dress are things like a battle axe, medieval mace or maybe a detached head, under your arm. They will surely help you complete the costume. You can also do some black eye make up with such kind of dressing. Another option will be to cover your eyes completely, with a black eye-mask.
  • The Skull Warrior Costume can also provide you with the look of a demon. This is definitely a terrifying costume and will include skull mask, rotten-look tunic, belt and coordinating gloves. Some other things that will be required are - a pair of distressed brown pants, to add to that decayed look. Remember to add a pair of thick soled boots, especially the ones that add to the height. Black and grey eye make up, with red color contact lens, will surely scare the wits out of people.
  • The costume of a Grand reaper gives the ultimate scary look of a demon. The dress will include a mask and arm/hand extensions, along with a robe and a matching waist sash. In this get up, you will hardly require any makeup. The only exception is some black color under the eyes. If you want, you can also go for pair of red contact lens, to match the devilish look of the costume.

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