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Edgar & Ellen look is perfect for Halloween party. Explore ideas for homemade Edgar and Ellen Halloween costume.

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Edgar and Ellen Halloween Costume

Edgar & Ellen is a popular book series by Charles Ogden that depicts two mischievous twelve-year-old twins - Edgar and Ellen. A cartoon television series, based on this book series, was also aired. Edgar is portrayed as a skilled inventor of some awry inventions. He is generally calm and confident. However, when things go wrong and out of his control, he starts to panic. Ellen, his twin sister, is depicted as a crazy scientist, with immense affection towards unusual plants.

Ellen is very intelligent and is more levelheaded than her brother. However, she also looses temper very quickly. Edgar and Ellen execute most of their naughty plans together. The mischievous characters are just perfect fit for Halloween party, because the party is all about getting naughty and bizarre! Invite your sibling or friend to become the other half- Edgar/Ellen and bring back the playful element to your Halloween party! Go through the following lines and get ideas on Edgar and Ellen costume for Halloween.

Edgar and Ellen Halloween Costume Ideas

Since Edgar and Ellen are twins, they wear similar costumes. So, when you guys dress up as Edgar and Ellen, remember to wear identical, footed pajamas, with zipper opening in the front and ribbed neckbands and cuffs. The only design of the footed pajamas includes white and mauve horizontal strips.

Edgar and Ellen have pale white complexions. Hence, the makeup best suited for you will be white grease paint. Apply the paint on all the exposed skin, including your head, neck, and hands. Make sure to keep the makeup simple. All you need is a black eyebrow pencil (to darken and straighten the eyebrows). Both of them have jet-black hair. So, wear a black wig or use a black hair spray, for natural looking result.

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