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When it comes to dressing for Halloween party, homemade fairy costume/dress is just apt for girl child/kids.

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Child Fairy Costume

In the reservoir of kids' costumes, it is the child fairy costume that makes the top score. In the contemporary times, it is the fairy Halloween costume for kids that is selling like real hot cakes. Girl fairy dress consists of the main fairy dress, white wings and a beautiful headpiece.

The thought that comes into mind when you think of a fairy is its shimmering gorgeous lightweight dress and soft delicate wings. The fashion designers, today, are not just coming up with traditional fairy costumes, but to meet the need of the time, they are focusing their attention on new age fairy costumes. To complete the fairy look, do not forget to buy accessories like lace-up boots, wands, stockings and decorative jewelry.

Here are presented the ideas as to how to make homemade girl fairy dress:
  • Look out for a gorgeous frilly dress.
  • Take some shimmering pipe cleaners and using wire, make a crown.
  • Take a poster board and paint it either with white paint. Cut out wings and using glue, sprinkle glitter all over the wings.
  • Punch two holes towards the edges of the wings.
  • Put a satin ribbon through the holes and tie them around your waist.
  • Also cut out a star out of the poster board and using glue, paste it on the top of a stick wrapped properly with a glaze paper. Hold it in your hand and you are ready for the Halloween party.

Halloween Dress

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