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Amongst the most favorite Halloween costumes is the ghost face costume. Let's get ideas on homemade ghost face costume for Halloween.

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Ghost Face Halloween Costume

Halloween culture has gained more recognition in the recent times. It is the one day of a year where no look can go wrong. The best part of this event is that you can dress up according to any fantasy you want and have their persona accepted. Ghost Face costume is the one of the all-time favorites as far as Halloween costumes go. One of the reasons that make it so much liked by people that it is an economical and also easy to make. Go through the following lines and know more about ghost face costume for Halloween.

Ghost Face Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Ghost face costume is usually the one worn by the killers in the three "Scream" movies. This costume usually includes a black hooded robe, with jagged sleeves and a black belt. The classic ghost facemask is the most essential of all the things.
  • There is yet another idea for dressing up as ghost face - the Gossamer Ghost costume. It is a very classy ghost costume that comes across as a vision in white. The costume includes a long white, flowing dress, along with white hooded cape and a long white wig. This costume is very comfortable one to wear and is perfect to provide you with a haunting look.
  • To compliment the costume, make up is also essential. Use white grease paint all over the face and neck. It should be followed with light gray paint around the eyes, to give a shallow look.
  • If you are ready to spend the bucks, go for white color eye lenses that are available in the market. As you put them one, the ghostly look will be enough to scare everyone around the house.

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