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Gorilla costume is amongst the most popular costumes for Halloween party. Get ideas on homemade gorilla costume for Halloween.

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Gorilla Costume for Halloween

A gorilla costume is a really wild way of dressing up for your Halloween party. There is something primitive related to the gorilla get up, which appeals to all. Be sure of the fact that it will be fun to look like a gorilla and you will get loads of compliments too. Just imagine the fun that you will have with a group of friends, in which all are dressed up as gorillas. So, make your Halloween party a fun filled event by opting Gorilla costumes. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas for dress up like a gorilla for Halloween.

Gorilla Halloween Costume Ideas
  • The first thing that you will need for dressing up as a gorilla is a gorilla mask. This type of dressing includes a full-size gorilla mask with holes in the eyes, nose and mouth for proper ventilation, along with a pair of furry feet and hands.
  • There is another gorilla dress that is most commonly used during Halloween. It includes a full size jumpsuit - with a plastic inset chest piece, a gorilla mask, hands covers and shoe covers. You can prepare a gorilla costume at home, with the items available in your local shops.
  • The accessories that perfectly match the gorilla costume include big inflatable banana that inflates to twenty-six inches in size. That is a must-have with a gorilla costume, owing to the fact that gorillas love to have bananas.
  • One can also carry hang-tabs along with the dress, which will be great to carry around.
  • One of the exciting additions can be fake plastic club, perfect for the advanced, tool-using apes.

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