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Get the scariest look on this Halloween party, with homemade headless man costume. Read on to get some ideas.

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Headless Man Halloween Costume

On Halloween day, people are seen walking on the streets in the weirdest outfits; you can dare to think of. Ghost, witch, devil, etc are some of the most common outfits people dress up in, to create a gruesome atmosphere. Do you want to plan something different and horrible for this year's Halloween party? Are you thinking of wearing the most frightening costume and terrify everyone? In such a case, the headless man costume will be the most suitable one. Headless man costumes, as the name suggests, is one of the most horrendous gets up for the Halloween. Read on and get ideas to dress up as a headless man.

Headless Man Halloween Costume Ideas
  • To dress up as a headless man, you need to wear a long black color robe that covers you completely, right from the head and up to your knees.
  • The part of the robe that covers your head and face should be sheer, so that you are able to look through it.
  • Next, you need to get neck stump, of latex or any other material that looks almost real. It will be attached on top of your head, to look like the neck of the headless man.
  • Next, you will need to wear long black boots, which will provide a complete look to the dress.
  • Make up not required in this kind of dressing, as the entire face remains covered with the robe.
  • In one of your hand, you will have to carry a puppet head, which will complete the horrible look of a headless man.

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