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Here are some homemade decoration ideas for Halloween party.

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Homemade Halloween Decorations

Homemade Halloween decorations have their own charm and have a kind of personal touch attached to it. Here are presented some easy homemade decoration ideas for Halloween party:

  • For making Jack O' Lanterns, old tree trunks can serve as excellent stands.
  • Take small size pumpkins and hollow them out, so as to use them as votive candleholders. Not only is this idea pocket friendly, but they look wonderful too. If you want, you can further beautify them by carving out faces.
  • Use hollowed out carved pumpkins to serve fresh green leafy veggies. You can give the pumpkin a jagged edge design at the top.
  • Any party seems to be incomplete without proper lighting. And when it comes to celebrating Halloween party, horrific lights are like a must to give your house a haunted look. Using lightning machine, add on the special effects for the occasion.
  • Autumn centerpieces serve as a great decoration idea for Halloween. To create this centerpiece, you just need to fill vases with dried flowers, brown leaves and empty branches.
  • For the spooky effect, you can hang fake spiders, bats and skeletons from the ceilings.

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