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Here is information as to how is Halloween holiday celebrated in different countries. Read about Halloween celebrations around the world.

Halloween : Facts : Halloween Around the World

Halloween Around the World

Halloween is celebrated with much gaiety and pomp in several countries of the world. It is one of the oldest holidays to be ever celebrated. Halloween around the world is an exciting event for people, especially the children. Let's have a look at the Halloween celebrations in different countries. In fact, it will help you gather some good ideas as to how to celebrate Halloween holiday.

In Mexico, Latin America and Spain, there is a three-day celebration of the ritual. The most important day of the celebration is the third day of the Hallowmas observance. This day is known as the All Soul's Day. All Soul's Day commences on the 31st of October. This is in fact to honor the spirits of the deceased relatives and friends.

In order to show their honor for the spirits, which the inhabitants believe to be visiting the earth once more, they construct an altar to the dead. These altars are decorated nicely with the favorite foods and drinks of the deceased ones; candies, flowers, photographs and fresh water are also kept. Interestingly, they even keep a towel and washbasin for the spirits, to wash and get fresh before they indulge in the feast.

In the United Kingdom, people celebrate Halloween in its usual pomp and glory with theme parties, costumes, facemasks, colored wigs, head attires and armory. In countries like Ireland and Canada, Halloween was once a frightening and superstitious event, because of the ancient evil associations with this festival. But presently, this festival has attained its own charm and grandeur and is celebrated with fun and joy. United States is known for its Halloween customs like trick-or-treating and costume parties. Many other countries are following it in their Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Customs

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