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Here is information about the history of Halloween day. Read about origin of Halloween.

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History of Halloween

We are all aware of the celebration of the festivity of Halloween in the western world, but most of us are ignorant about the history of Halloween. Well, the Halloween day history can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The origin of Halloween lies in the firm belief of Celts that the spirits visited the earth on the 31st of October every year.

Halloween bids goodbye to the summer and harvest season and heads its way to give a warm welcome to the cold winters. Celts celebrated their New Year on the 1st of November and they had a strong belief that on the night before the New Year, the two distinctive worlds of life and death coincided, with the rise of the dead.

As a part of ancient Halloween customs and traditions, Celtic priests also known as Druids, built sacred bonfires and people used to gather to sacrifice crops and animals to the Celtic deities. For the celebrations of Halloween festival, people wore funny as well scary costumes and actively participated in spooky house decorations. And it is the historic event of Halloween that today enjoys the status of being the second largest commercialized event, next to Christmas.

Halloween Customs

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