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Here are presented some interesting fun facts on Halloween. Check out Halloween trivia.

Halloween : Halloween Fun Facts

Halloween Fun Facts

When it's the time for Halloween party celebration, newspapers and magazines are flooded with interesting facts on Halloween. It is enjoyable reading these Halloween fun facts. Read further to check out some Halloween trivia…
  • It is during the Halloween festivity that about 99% of pumpkins that are marketed domestically, are utilized for the purpose of making Jack O'Lanterns for the Halloween party.
  • In America, Halloween is celebrated on a large scale and about 86% of Americans get actively engrossed in the task of doing haunted house Halloween decorations.
  • It is interesting to know that there is no word in the dictionary that is in rhyme with orange.
  • People give the credit of starting the tradition of Trick or Treating to Irish people.
  • Jerry Ayers of Baltimore was the one to make a world record of fastest pumpkin carving, by carving out a pumpkin in just 37 seconds.
  • Vampires don’t really participate in the night Halloween party celebrations, because they consider Halloween to be tacky.
  • People are of the belief that light keeps the monsters away. Thus they prefer lighting a pumpkin lantern with a candle on the Halloween night.
  • Pumpkins can also be spotted in the colors of white, blue and green.

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