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Here is information as to when does Halloween celebration take place. Check out Halloween day and date in the year 2006.

Halloween : Facts : When is Halloween in 2006

When is Halloween in 2006

Halloween is a spooky holiday that is celebrated on a large-scale world over, especially in America. In fact it is the second most commercialized holiday, next to Christmas. Due to merging cultures, the celebration of Halloween might have undergone transformations, but the date of Halloween celebration is fixed and takes place on the 31st of October. So, there is nothing to be confused regarding when is Halloween in 2006.

Here is presented information about Halloween day and date, so check out Halloween day 2006

Year Day Date
2002 Thursday October 31
2003 Friday October 31
2004 Sunday October 31
2005 Monday October 31
2006 Tuesday October 31
2007 Wednesday October 31

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