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Here are a few Halloween make up ideas. Check out tips on Halloween makeup.

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Halloween Make Up Ideas

When it comes to dressing for the Halloween costume party, it is the make up for Halloween that occupies a prime position. There can be distinctive kinds of Halloween make up ideas, so as to create the special effects that the occasion demands.

Here are presented a few tips on Halloween makeup:

  • Use blue eye shadow to give yourself a scary look.
  • Create blisters on your face, by applying Vaseline with white tissues scattered on it.
  • To give the appearance of burnt skin, use burnt marshmallows.
  • For creating blood drops, mix blue liquid laundry starch with red food coloring. It not just sticks well on your face, but also it dries in a natural manner, giving the look of real blood.
  • You can apply baby powder in your hair to give it a grayish look.
  • Apply baby powder on your face and then draw dark lines on your skin, so as to create that old wrinkly look.
  • For the scary look, use fake teeth.

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