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Here are presented some bad luck Halloween superstitions. Check out bad omens for Halloween.

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Bad Luck Halloween Superstitions

Here are presented a few bad luck Halloween superstitions, so find out as to what are the bad omens for Halloween:

  • If a bat happens to fly into your house
  • If an owl happens to hoot thrice
  • If you happen to see three butterflies together
  • If you happen to glance at the new moon over your left shoulder
  • If you put on a shirt inside out
  • If you get to hear a rooster crow in the night time
  • If you happen to cut your nails on Friday
  • If you happen to keep a hat on bed
  • If you get out of the bed by placing your left foot first on the floor
  • If you happen to open the umbrella indoors
  • If you sing before having your breakfast
  • If you feel an itch inside your nose
If any of the above things takes place, it is indicative of bad luck.

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