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Here are presented a few Halloween cat superstitions. Check out cat superstitions for Halloween.

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Halloween Cat Superstitions

Cats have always been associated with luck. When the time comes for the monsters to knock our doors, it is the Halloween cat superstitions that become the people's prime concern.

Here are presented a few cat superstitions for Halloween that are followed around the world:

  • People in Scotland tend to believe that a strange black cat on the porch is a sign indicative of prosperity.
  • Italians are of the belief that it’s a good omen to hear a cat sneezing.
  • If you happen to catch the glimpse of a white cat at night, it is associated with bad luck.
  • Americans have a superstition that if one dreams of a white cat, it is indicative of good luck.
  • Dutch are of the belief that cats are gossip masters and are in a habit of gossiping around in the town.
  • Irish believe that killing a cat brings seventeen years of bad luck
  • In Europe, people are of the belief that black cats have a connection with witches.

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