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Bobbing for apples is an important Halloween tradition. Check out the history of apple bobbing Halloween custom.

Halloween : Traditions & Customs : Apple Bobbing Halloween Tradition

Apple Bobbing Halloween Tradition

When the time comes to wear spooky costumes, it is then that the first thing that strikes our mind is the apple bobbing Halloween tradition, the major highlight of the Halloween party. Bobbing for apples is a game that is played by people, especially children, as a part of Halloween custom.

Talking about the history of bobbing for apples, this game has its origin in the Celtic times and it was during those times that the game was not just played for fun, but it had a lot of importance attached to it. Apples are usually associated with love or fertility goddesses. Read further to explore information about bobbing for apples-Halloween custom…

In this game, water is filled in a tub or basin and apples are put in the water. Apples are less dense than water and it is owing to this fact that apples keep floating at the surface of water. The game consists of grabbing the floating apples with teeth, without using hands. And it is believed that the first person that succeeds in catching the apple would be the next one to marry. How far this game is helpful in deciding the future is unknown, but definitely it provides a platform to the people, to come together and celebrate the festivity of Halloween.

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