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Here is information about the customs and traditions of Halloween.

Halloween : Customs of Halloween

Customs of Halloween

Every festivity has some or the other customs attached to it. There are plenty of Halloween traditions and customs that have defined the pompous celebrations of this festivity. The customs of Halloween have their origin in the Celtic times and it was then that these traditions were followed sincerely because Celts gave a lot of importance to them.

In the contemporary times, these traditions have become more of a fun time activity that provides a platform and a reason to people to come together and enjoy the decorations and preparations of the Halloween festivity. As a part of Halloween tradition, haunted house decorations are done. People dress up in spooky costumes and play customary game of apple bobbing.

Kids indulge in treat or trick, in which they roam about from home to home crying 'treat or trick' and ask the people to choose one. And those who refuse to offer treat fall prey to the kids' mischievous pranks. Jack O Lantern Halloween tradition is very famous. As a part of this custom, people light their houses with hollowed out carved pumpkins in which the candles are placed. It is interesting to carry out these traditions and customs.

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